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Knitting Pretty

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How to Use Flaxseed in Your Diet

This article discusses the various benefits of flaxseed and the ways it can be used in an everyday diet.

By Eloah James |  Published 10/15/2009

How to Knit a Women’s Winter Hat

This tutorial will explain how to create a pointed woman’s winter hat with pom-pom, using 2 straight knitting needles.

By Eloah James |  Published 10/12/2009

This tutorial will explain the process for making a beaded necklace in an alternating three-strand, single-strand, three-strand pattern.
By Eloah James |  Published 9/28/2009

Creative Slow-down…

Hi, remember me?  Heh, it’s been hectic, but unfortunately not on the creative front.  I did manage to nearly finish my toadstool and my beret and will be shipping those off shortly, as soon as the felted things are “de-fuzzed”.  I am sad to see them go because I love how they turned out!  I got a great green scarf (in a design I will HAVE to try!) and blue mushroom from my partners, which I love, so I’m hoping my receiving partners feel the same.

I got my last Owl ATC yesterday and…I think that might be the end me and any swaps that aren’t extremely specific as to what qualifies as acceptable.  It was very late and slapped together – and she used someone else’s work without bothering to give them credit, whilst claiming she was late because the ATCs were so much more work than she thought.  Yeah, other people’s work, not yours.  I know it was someone else’s work because I had the someone else as another partner (there were 4 for the swap). That partner used a hand-carved stamp and she stamped it on the envelope as well as the ATC.  On mine and apparently also on this partner’s because on the 4th ATC the owl still had a bit of postal barcode on it.  She also made no apparent reference to January, as per the swap instructions.

Gah, this is turning into my swap-hater blog and it isn’t for that.


Ok, in other news, I may be writing for a green blog soon.  More on that later.