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Party Ideas, Themes and Favors



TV Show Themes

If you enjoy good television and so do your friends, use a show as your theme.  Here are some ideas for Mad Men, Big Bang Theory  and Castle (Murder Mystery).  Whether or not you use Castle as the theme of your Murder Mystery Party, you will need Murder Mystery Invitations

Other Themes

Hawaiian Luau and Luau Favors

Kids’ Party Places  Spa Party

Bachelorette/Hen Night Scavenger Hunt

Halloween Party Ideas

You will need Spooky DIY Party Favors for your Halloween Party for Grown-Ups.  You might even want to Decorate Your Own Haunted House.

Other Holidays

Mother’s Day  Earth Day

Memorial Day and DIY Memorial Day Favors

New Year’s Eve  Chinese New Year





Some Stuff for Halloween

Halloween in Haiku

Halloween Haiku

By Eloah James |  Published 10/9/2009

Halloween Decorations: Haunted House

You’ll need fake spider webbing, some washable (test it first!) glow-in-the-dark spray, some plastic spiders, a life-size plastic skeleton, black-light spray and black light fixtures, hanging bats, scary messages, etc. Start outside. Get men’s jeans and a long-sleeved shirt and stuff them with other clothes. Use gloves for hands, boots for feet, and a painted pumpkin for the head. Set it up to look like a person sitting on your porch. Use some of the spray, webbing, and spiders here, as well as some hanging creatures. Decorate the main room with low light, spiders, webbing and glow spray on the walls, creepy music playing. In the bathroom, use more spray and webbing generously in the bathtub with the plastic skeleton. The bathroom is a great place for a black light. By Eloah James |  Published 10/6/2009

DIY Jewelry

Tutorial for making a handmade necklace to give to your prom date.
By Eloah James |  Published 3/3/2010
How to sew together and decorate an elastic “scrunchy” type hair band.
By Eloah James |  Published 3/2/2010
This tutorial will explain how to create a polymer clay mask for hanging.
By Eloah James |  Published 3/2/2010
This tutorial explains how to create a charm bracelet with para cord, hemp or leather cord, and jump rings.
By Eloah James |  Published 3/2/2010

Chinese New Year Party Decorating

How to decorate your party for an auspicious Chinese New Year.
By Eloah James |  Published 1/26/2010

Kids Crafts

Kids Crafts: Chinese Lantern

How to make a simple and pretty Chinese lantern for kids.
By Eloah James |  Published 1/25/2010

Christmas & Craig

A brief Biography of Craig Ferguson, talk show host.
By Eloah James |  Published 12/21/2009
Happy Holidays- A light-hearted Christmas Haiku
By Eloah James |  Published 12/17/2009

Last Minute Christmas

3 British Recipes for Christmas Dinner

3 recipes for an English Christmas dinner. These are just a few ideas for foods which might be found at a traditional British Christmas meal.

By Eloah James |  Published 10/22/2009

Cheap Eco-Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas for 2009

The following are just a few ideas for cheap Christmas decorating ideas that are also eco-friendly.

By Eloah James |  Published 10/21/2009

6 Great Eco-friendly LED Christmas Lights for 2009

A guide to 6 of the best eco-friendly Christmas lights and LED eco-friendly Christmas lights, including where to buy and why.

By Eloah James |  Published 10/26/2009