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I think my first entry really sums up what I’m about.  I’m a writer primarily, a knitter, a crafter, a free spirit, possibly a witch (though a Christian one).  I believe in ghosts and magic and love and all those other things that can make your heart skip a beat and then pound through your chest.  I am looking forward to 2009 as a year of fresh beginnings and goal-reaching.


2 Responses

  1. Dear Eloah,
    I’ve been a semi-regular reader of yours since I found you through Got 2 Be Green a couple months ago. I like your philosophy, especially the love and heart-pounding part. Sorry to hear about the last rejection. I can empathize with the plight of putting yourself out there, causing your brain to be scattered among 10 different things, and getting the “NO”s in the middle of it all. No fun. Here’s hoping the next one will wise up.
    Among my tree-huggy projects is working as a writer with http://www.greenhomeimprovement.com (our blog is /today). If you can squeeze it in, please check out the site–it’s a not-for-profit community for homeowners and green contractors to connect and do green stuff on homes, plus give peer-to-peer reviews and recommendations. If you like it (or our blog–I’m GreenLindsey), add it to the blogroll. Would really love your input, too, whatever it might be.
    Thanks for your time, and keep up the blogging… been waiting since November!

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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