Yahoo Voices Went Down; Took The Visitor, The Letter in the Foyer, Rosalyn Moves In and Salvation Road with It

I’ve been a freelance writer for about 7-8 years now. I’ve written about 1000 articles, all told and until 7/31/14, about half of those were on Yahoo!. I am most disappointed, however, that my stories were taken down on that date, especially as I am participating in GISHWHES again this year and one of the items requires a previously published scifi author – which, according to my friend in publishing, I am, since I published those stories (albeit online). However, before all the articles went down, I did manage to secure screenshots of my stories, so I could remind myself (even if I never do get an actual book published without self-publishing, though I still have hope of that) that they were once there for all the world to see. So I am posting those screen shots below, both for my own edification and as proof of my author status for Gishers who asked me to write stories for them.

The Visitor   Yahoo Voices Road   Yahoo Voices Rosalyn Moves In   Yahoo Voices The Letter in the Foyer   Yahoo Voices


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