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Tennessee is Underwater

Since they aren’t reporting it over much of the rest of the country, I thought I should let you know that TN suffered massive flooding this weekend and much of it remains under water.  30 counties are in a state of emergency.  Roads, homes, schools, businesses have all floated away or just sunk.  The flood level of the Cumberland & Duck rivers are not expected to completely recede until the end of the week.  We live on high ground, so we are very fortunate.  Our town was mostly not badly hit, though much of the rest of the county was.  My sister was stranded at her hotel an extra day, a hotel which was, shortly after her departure, evacuated and the road closed.  one house was underwater and on fire at the same time (made possible by asphalt shingles, it has been postulated).  18 people were dead at last count, 10 of those in Nashville, but more are expected to be found once the waters recede.  My sister’s friend from work lost nearly everything she owned. About the middle third of the state has suffered massive amounts of flood damage.


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