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DIY Cats, Toys & Ornaments

DIY Homemade Cat Toys

It is possible to create several different types of cat toys at home, with just a few basic materials and ingenuity.

By Eloah James |  Published 11/30/2009

Totem Pole: Native American Crafts for Kids

It’s an easy craft for groups of children, too, as each child can make one animal and then combine them at the end to create the pole.

By Eloah James |  Published 10/26/2009

How to Christmas Crafts for Kids: Shooting Star Tree Ornament

Instructions for creating a Christmas ornament shaped like a shooting star, using polymer clay, wire, and some decorative elements.

By Eloah James |  Published 11/23/2009

Full Turkle

Thanksgiving in 17 syllables.

By Eloah James |  Published 11/22/2009


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  1. Very good ideas there! Here are some more Homemade Cat Toys that are easily made at home.

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