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When Green Makes Me See Red

I’m so tired of phrases like “hydration vessel“.   It’s a WATER BOTTLE. Would I support a reusable, dishwasher safe, BPA-free water bottle in fashion colors, the proceeds of which support the Algalita Marine Research Foundation?  Absolutely! Can I in good conscience condone the marketing of said water bottle as though it were a pod to Venus?  No.  And if their thinking is that the fancy name supports the price?  It doesn’t.

I think it probably bothers me so much because I am totally for the idea behind the product.  I WANT reusable water bottles that are made of non-toxic things and benefit good research, I really, really do.  But there is no way I can support the use of a “hydration vessel”.  It sounds like what you used to reconsititute dehydrated children, not what you throw in your back-pack before a hike.

My least favorite thing about the green movement has got to be the advertising double-talk.  I’ve noticed this more and more over the last few weeks.  Some people seem to think you can’t be green without using superflous vocabulary and corporate verbosity.  I had enough of that in the corporate world (as I’m sure plenty of other people did and do – “Impacted”, much? Blech!), I certainly don’t need it when I’m trying to protect our planet.  Being green doesn’t mean being pretentious!  Why can’t they see that acting elitist is counter-productive to getting everyone on board with protecting the environment?


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