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another reason i hate weddings

Things I wish Buddy had done on last nights Cake Boss when the crazy *&(%$ gooped icing all over his awesome cake:

thrown bridezilla out

flung icing at her

declined to do cake

taken cake to her wedding as was after she added “some color”

bought cheap walmart sheet cakes with garish colors and taken them to her wedding

taken new cake to wedding and after getting approval, either punching it, shoving it on the floor, or throwing top layer at bride (or all three)

squeezing tubes of paint on bridezilla’s wedding dress, preferably while screaming “YOU WANT COLOR, YOU SPOILED CRAZY BRAT?!”

Buddy, of course, took the high road coz he is a class act.  But she SOOOOO deserved the low road.  And medication.  She clearly needs some sort of medication and some therapy.  I console myself with the fact that I am sure lots of people from her wedding will probably use Carlo’s Bakery if they get married – and she looked like a crazy person on national television.

Obviously, I normally restrict this to events in my own life and my writing and all of that, but this was plaguing me.  And for me, that means write it down or go nuts.

One cool thing that happened to me was Chuck Jone’s grandson just up and started following me on Twitter!  Sure, he’s following 18k people, but I got picked to be one – and I was watching Tom & Jerry and thinking about Chuck Jones right about the time I got the follow message, which makes it doubly sweet. I LOVE Chuck Jones’s work.  My sis and I have loved him forever, we used to watch Tom & Jerry every night when she was a kid.  It was our thing – Lavergne & Shirley and Tom & Jerry were our nightly ritual, our bonding time.  So, anyway, neatness!


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  1. One of my best friends is getting married soon and I am making sure that she doesn’t turn into a bridezilla, although watching the TV show is very entertaining I would not want to deal with someone like that in real life. I’m sure I would’ve taken the low road! Right now, she has found the cake she wants, and trust me she won’t walk in and add more color, and I am going to help her find some Chicago Wedding Bands to play at her wedding. I hope this process doesn’t cause bridezilla to surface!

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