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Writing Frustrations – is AC still for me?

It has been a frustrating couple of weeks on the publishing front.  Writing for Associated Content has been extremely unsatisfying lately.  They’ve had few assignments except audio or video, the assignments they have had are paying less, I’m suddenly having most articles rejected, and the one they actually accepted they offered a pittance to publish.  This, coming on the heels of that page view fiasco a few weeks ago, it is just really disheartening.  It’s not like they were ever a career path, but they were a way to keep myself afloat while I pursued other avenues of publication.

So I’ve spent the last few days finding other ways to make some money by doing what I do.  Today, I got quite a bit done to that end, submitting several articles to one site and signing up for another (I have to wait for approval on that one before I can write anything).  I also went ahead and submitted another to AC, but if they offer me less than $3 again…

Later the following day…Started writing that yesterday, but got interrupted and never got back.  Today, I got insulted in an AC comment.  Shouldn’t let it get to me, I know, but it annoyed me. -shrug-

I am finishing up my doll for the private dotee doll/tarot card/playing card swap. Hope you are going to like it!  It’s my first dotee and I couldn’t find anywhere that said whether the tail & hanger were included in the 3-5 inches or not.  Hopefully, the latter because that’s how I did it and if the tail/hanger do count I haven’t made a dotee and I will feel bad.  I tried to go to Dot’s website and read the tutorial, but the links to it are broken.  Not to her site, but to the tutorial itself.

I had more to say when I started yesterday, but I think its all gone out of my head.

Oh, yes!

Got 2 Be Green!  Not sure if I mentioned there was a conference call with them coming up, but we had it a few days ago.  I am even happier working with them now that I’ve gotten to know them a little bit.  They seem like such nice people and they were so appreciative not to mention, open to our ideas and welcomed all feedback, even the negative.  It was just straight out of my imaginary book “How Things Should Be Done”.  In addition to the warm fuzziness, there may be more money-making opportunities from them, as well as chances to work as press and do interviews with important people.  Really exciting stuff happening and I am so glad I signed on with them.  If you click that link above, take a look around the site.  There’s lots of great information.  I know right now it’s maybe a bit tricky to navigate, but they are about to do a great revamp, so stay-tuned.

I think that’s all for me today.


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