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life imitating weather

it has been such a strange couple of weeks.  so much going on, so many decisions to be made.

i need to find a way forward with the writing, maybe, as i don’t want to be stuck…but right now i am saving my full creativity for other things and letting the writing be what it is.  any other decisions on how to move forward will have to wait.

had that conference call wednesday and still haven’t gotten around to writing up my article on it.  need to get that done as soon as i can, but so unmotivated.  this writing i am doing now is not work, but release, and i feel more a necessity at this time.

had that meeting friday about the possible teaching job that would allow me to continue with creative freedom, doing something else i love and getting paid, but i have to decide where to be in july and august – and possibly may – and i am not “the decider”, that is for sure.  decisions are my weakness, always have been.  i’ve tried for years to overcome that little chink in my armor, but for every bit of progress i make, a few weeks out of practice and its as if i’d never made a choice in my life.  kind of pathetic, really.

i don’t know why i am worried about my writing getting stale.  i am writing about important things like eco-friendly this and that, in addition to the more fluffy pieces…and it isn’t as though i don’t have to finesse the words.  i can’t recall one that i’ve just phoned in, though i may have done.

hm, i guess i really should get on some “work” writing now…


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