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So much to do…

I have 4 videos due to Associated Content.  Not any time soon, but I need to get them out of my queue.  They are all tutorials, of course.  Hopefully, they won’t be like last time…

I made cookies for my nephew last night, which turned out awesome.  See, he was watching Scooby Doo all weekend and I finally decided I would make him some Scooby snacks.  He’s not a fan of vegetables (A kid who doesn’t like vegetables?!  what’s the world coming to?!  heh) and I had this idea, you see.  So I made a batch of chocolate cookies  – with shredded carrots and finely chopped spinach in them – shaped kind of like bones.  I sent them home with his mother and he apparently ate several.  They were dark chocolate, so fairly low in sugar.  Darn, I just realized I should have added flax meal for part of the flour…  Oh well, next time =)

I’ve been drawing a bit, in addition to the angel swap drawing.  And speaking of swapping, if I wasn’t fed up with SB before, I am now.  I wrote the coordinator and told her I was done, would have it in the mail the next day.  I also asked her if the lady knew I was angelling, coz if so I would message her.  I got no response.  There was an ordeal with my mom getting locked out of my car and anyway, the ATC went into the mail, but an extra effort was made to get them out on time because I had said they were going out.  Then, when she still hasn’t written back, I check those two profiles again and see that, sure enough, the ratings were changed to 5’s on the very day I sent my msg to the coordinator.  She had gotten BOTH items, after all.  She didn’t bother to tell the coordinator (as I found out when I messaged to say “If I’d known earlier I could have sent these to someone else”), and the coordinator didn’t write me to tell me whether she knew or I would have messaged her and could have found out that way.  So I wrote her and said “Maybe you can send these along to someone who actually got flaked on, or angel someone else.”  I was polite to both, but I was also annoyed with both.  Since that is my typical state of feeling with SB, I should be used to it, yes?  Ok, ENOUGH about SB.

Ok, except for I did get the private swap set up, so I feel I actually accomplished a bit of something.  And I have already seen Halos work, so I have no doubts whatever she makes will be kickass.  Hopefully mine will be, too.

OH!  I need to post what I sent to the chick I angelled, which was the whole point of my bringing it up…Bah, except I can’t find the camera cord…ok, later then…

[EDIT: Found cord, so here it is]

3 piece ATC puzzle

3 piece ATC puzzle


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