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Just Call Me Lady Lemon Marmalade

Ugh, the major drawback of having wordpress autopost my articles (and having a bunch of things publish at once) is that I have to go back and batch edit all the tags and categories.  At least this time most of them had similar tags.

I’ve been busy still, writing and cooking.  Lots of cooking.  I’ve made sour dough bread, two kinds of marmalade with a third jelly to come and I will be making cheese in a day ot two, as well.  The sour dough bread is my first successful attempt, but only halfway, as it did not rise appropriately.  I think it just wasn’t warm enough in the room.  Correction – it rose the first time, but the second rise never happened.  Or, if it did, it never reached double bulk.  Gah, I wann live on a farm with a huge, warm kitchen and baby goats and sheep andandand…things.

Finally think I’m over the flu, so maybe I can get these things finished.

I also did something which I think is a positive solution to the negative swap problem.  By accident I found that someone was totally flaked on by the person who made sent that owl.  She was also flaked on by a person who is due to send me something, but has written to say she’ll be late.  So I volunteered to angel for her.  I’ve started on it and I am excited to see if it turns out the way I think it will.  It was a Michelle Obama swap and I had this idea that requires lots of ATCs to finish, but I think the end product will be worth it.  Hope she likes it.  Speaking of which, I should probably get to work on it.

Halo I haven’t forgotten our swap.  I should set it up before I start work on the other one, yes, I should.  I will, in fact.  May or June, you said?  Well, it’s not like we need to be hardcore about the deadline since it’s private, and I’m sure I can edit afterward, anyway…And yes, I should probably send you a private note or something, but I am multi-tasking, and anyway, I am helping you get readers…er, maybe…that only works, if I have readers, huh? lol


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