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The Flu & Other Viruses

Nothing but articles on here lately and that’s not so good, but then again, I’ve got a nasty flu, working on laryngitis – and I went from 1 computer to zero to, like, half one.  See, sis went visiting her bf and took hers, so all we had was my mom’s, the next day, I could not log on because the keyboard and mouse will not work.  So we rented one from rentacenter and it is rather of the crappy, so it’s the half of which I spoke.

I had more to say…not sure I have the energy. Lack of oxygen will do that, you know…also not sure I remember?  I know that when I fix the computer (and I will), I intend to post a tutorial, either here or on AC because I find lots of questions on the internet of other people with similar probs, but very few answers – mostly repeats of other answers that ppl have already said don’t. work.  So…

Right before I got sick I wrote about 12 articles in about 3 days.  I think I wrote about the targetted calls that I got?  Not sure.  Felt a little less pro-AC since then because I never did get those last 2, they never answered my messages and I’ve never been featured on the front page, but every FP article I clicked the other day was ABSOLUTE SHIT.  One of them was no longer even relevent and they had it up there DAYS after the info in it had basically expired.  Ridiculous.

I HAVE been writing poetry, though!  For the first time in forever. Yay! Go me.

Ok, that’s it for now, more when I can breathe again.

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