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so busy…what did i do?

Wrote a lot today, but still not enough.  Couldn’t really get my head in the right place, except for the green article I wrote, which hasn’t been published on Got2BeGreen quite yet.  I did find this through an article from there, though. Pretty cool, no?

I had an great idea today for a product, trying to decide whether to make & market or just post a tutorial somewhere.

Learned that for the suet cakes, I can also use onion bags instead of wire feeders – not only easier, but easier for some birds to perch on.

Baked 3 kinds of bread today and fed the sour dough starter I started last night.  Bread was GOOOOOD, though the sweet one still needs…something.  More icing, maybe. 

Took my little baby herbs out into the sun for some photosynthetic tanning and they seemed to enjoy that immensely.  I wish the remainder would go ahead and sprout already!  It’s been a week and about 55-60 of the 72 little peat pellets have tiny plant shoots.  In some cases, I am sure it must be the plant because none have sprouted yet.  In other cases, we’ve got a 3 out of 5 situation and things like that.

My goodness, I am tired.  Lots to do tomorrow.  2  articles due and I need to try and get another one in early.  At least one is nearly done and another somewhat started.

[EDIT: Wrote this yesterday! and apparently hit draft instead of publish – DER! But I have an excuse – it’s how I have to do it for the green blog!]


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