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The Question is – Will my motivation match my excitement?!

Today, I got an article written, which was already great, as that means I’ve already done several this week and it’s only Tuesday.  After I posted it, I went back to my email and saw that I had new mail from AC.  I was targetted for a Set of 10 calls, each one for several dollars upfront pay!!  I assume others were also, but it still means I am getting noticed!  I was chosen!  Woohoo!!

The only negative so far is that as of this writing only 8 of the calls have actually shown up.  However, since I am already a little paranoid scared that I might not be able to get them all done, maybe that isn’t so bad.  They are all on the same subject, which generally makes it easier for me, but I’m a worrier sometimes.

I’m still excited!  I don’t have to scrounge for calls for at least a week!  Maybe, if I do well, I will finally get those partner calls they told me about back in October!

Also?  Very.  Tired.

One last thing before I go, though.  An update of sorts from the ranting drama of yesterday’s entry.  Blue came to look at the picture and now agrees with me.  I’ve heard nothing further from ATC girl.  Hopefully, I won’t.

Peace and love, kiddies.  Lord knows I could use some…


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