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Naked Mail & ATCs Done Right

I’ve been spreading myself a bit thin lately and it’s been too hectic to write here or get much people contact. 

I still intend to do private swaps with some of you, I’ve just been crazy busy this week and kinda bummed about some things.

Yesterday I got my naked mail swap which was a faux silver tray sent to sans packaging (hence “naked”) from a town called Sterling.  My mailman loved it and so did I.  Sticker even matched my kitty!

Today, I got 2 ATCs that should seriously be used in a tutorial on “How to Properly Make Use of Stickers in ATC Work”.  They’re Dr. Seuss and 3D and, well, they just ROCK.  Even though they were heavy on the sticker usage, she managed to make them ART, not in small part owing to the fact that she was so clearly inspired by the subject.  Her note even rhymed, bitches – Seussian style

I busted butt yesterday getting 2 articles turned in, then managed to miss another 10AM deadline.  I don’t know how I missed a big bold sentence in the middle of the call, but it would seem I did.  Once again, though, if they had just made the deadline 12am on 2/12 instead of 10 hours later, I would have made it on time.  This one paid more, too, so I was pretty ticked at myself for missing it.  I didn’t have time to finish it yesterday.   I try to get them done early whenever I can, but since I’m sharing a computer at the moment, it just isn’t always possible, so sometimes it’s down to the wire.  Of course, truth be told, that might be when I do some of my best work…

Not a lot else going on in crafting, writing news…Made some sugared pecans tonight which were scrumptious.  Almost out of suet cakes for the birds…

…which reminds me that the article in the previous post is having tech difficulties.  No idea what’s up.  When they notified me this morning that it’d been published it was working just fine.  When my mom came home at 4 it was no longer working.

Tomorrow is another busy day, so I better get to sleep.


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  1. Hi I found your blog via Swap-bot’s “Gain Exposure to my blog swap” Thanks for sharing how too’s / tutorials youre an excellent blogger!

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