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Writing and Cooking and…other stuffses

This has been published for several days, but I don’t remember getting the notice.  As hectic as today was, maybe it’s just slipped my mind, though.

Wrote 2 more articles today for calls, which means 5 waiting for approval.  Also checked on the $10 bonus for December and it’s a good thing because they hadn’t planned on giving it to me, but the woman I contacted said she was overriding it, as she felt I’d earned it.  So I should have that later this week – w00t!

WooleyDuckling has a stomach ailment (whether food poisoning or virus, we do not know), and has been in bed all day.  It’s really knocked her out and she didn’t make it to class.  Just as well she was scheduled off work, too.  Hopefully, she’ll be better by tomorrow as she was in bad shape today.

I worked a little on one of my crochet swaps – and repaired the mushroom which the cats decided was a chew toy!! – last night and will probably do so again shortly.  Mom finally broke down and bought a dryer, so I may wait till it’s all set up before finishing, since this yarn calls for drying to complete the felting process.  Got another disappointing ATC in the mail.  I may not continue with Swap-bot after I finish these current swaps and the private one in the works.  What’s really disconcerting is that from what is written on the back, I am assuming that my ATC is one of two identical ATC’s that she created for this swap – and the other person gives her a glowing review talking about the level of detail and the “astonishing” lettering…wha..?? Are you serious?  I mean, there was nothing on this card but stickers.  The lettering comment – I would seriously assume the rater was being ironic if she hadn’t given this girl a heart to go with those comments.  Level of detail?!?!  She either used preprinted stickers or she cut and pasted a printout for the picture portion (and not in a collage-type way) – where’s the detail in that?!  And the lettering? was all letter-shaped stickers.  Astonishing?!  Yes, the ability to stick stickers onto cardstock is simply amazing, your mother must be so proud.

I really don’t know if people will think I am being too harsh about this.  I haven’t worked out whether I care, either.  I am just so damned tired of mediocrity being shoved down my throat because no one cares enough to do better.  My country seems to thrive on it.  And I’m sick to death of it.  Great restaurants can’t stay open, while TGIAverage thrives.  Movies and television shows with merit and worth and substance (see: Sports Night aka the greatest show EVER) get lost and tossed while steaming piles of excrement like…well, there is a virtual flood of recent blockbuster movie titles running through my head, pick one…and Deal or No Brains? saturate the market.  And yes, it is partially personal.  Because my novels lie dusty in the drawer while tedious garbage gets published. 

And, sure, it’s just a piece of paper with some stickers and I shouldn’t be getting angry, probably, but, in the immortal words of Disney’s Ariel –

“Thingsmabobs?  I got 20!  But who cares?  [They’re] No big deal.  I want mooorrrrrrrrrrrre!!!”

I’ve already explained in a previous post what kind of thing I was hoping to get out of this, so I won’t go into it again.  I’m just really disenchanted with the whole thing and I don’t think I want to continue something that’s supposed to be fun and just stresses me out.  I don’t need it.  I have a husband for that sort of thing.

Anyway, I dind’t mean to get off on yet another ranting tangent.  So I will end on a higher note and talk about the fantabulous cake I made tonight.  I was craving really special food, since I couldn’t sleep last night and ended up watching the food network like a crazy person (coz it just makes me hungry).  And I don’t even know why it popped into my head, but suddenly after I had already made some KICKASS stirfry for dinner, I decided we needed a kickass dessert to go with it.  So I concocted a cake with nuts and a cream cheese icing.  I will need to doctor the recipe a bit, because the top was kind of chewy in spots for some reason, which requires adjustment, but everything except those few spots was delicious.  Speaking of that cake, I think it’s calling me…


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