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ATC Drama – Call Joy

Published another article today.  [EDIT: And several calls! Yay!]

Yesterday, after writing about the great people I was meeting on Swap-Bot, I met a hateful one.  Figures, eh?  And I’m trying to strike a balance between standing on my artistic principles and not getting embroiled in some stupid online drama.  So I’m going to rant here and then decide if I will do so elsewhere.

An Artist Trading Card, or ATC, has only ONE design rule.  It must be a rectangle 2.5″x3.5″.  While there is little I can do except be hurt & disappointed if I’ve gone to great trouble to make mine and what I get is someone who slapped some crappy stickers and glitter on 2.5″x3.5″ cardstock and dared to call herself an artist, if what I receive is not 2.5″x3.5″, I have full grounds to say “That is NOT an ATC.”  Since it was an ATC swap, I am within my Swapper’s rights to rate a 3, as well. 

< nice=”eloah” >Now, I wrote to the lady nicely.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt, that maybe she just didn’t know that a 2.3″x3.2″x2.6″x3.7″ trapezoid* was not the correct dimensions of an ATC, and I, backed up by my coordinator, advised her of what constituted an ATC and explained that hers was not the proper size and asked her rather politely, whether she would want to send another one. 

*I should explain here that, no, I don’t take a micrometer to my ATCs to make sure they are the same size.  I did not at any point actually measure her “ATC”.  I stacked her “ATC” and the blanks she’d sent together with my others and noticed that, for one thing, I could see a strip of every one of her cards when they were stacked as flat as they’d go.  (If that doesn’t make sense, imagine a deck of cards, stacked up with their edges aligning.  If you could see the white part of some of the cards, even when two edges were aligned, there’d be a problem, right?)  The second thing I noticed was that only ONE of the four edges would align.  And the third thing was that I could still see three edges of her “ATC” when I put another, properly made ATC on top of it.

At which point I received a reply longer than both above paragraphs, ranting about how she had “over 2 years experience” at swapping and she’d done “over 1500 ATC swaps” and allegedly, no one had ever previously complained.  Supposedly she “measures each piece next to a playing card and goes to work”.  Also she does this “for fun” is not “sending me another thing” and I can “rate her as I see fit”.  I think she may have also stated she didn’t measure her ATCs and that she’d gotten them all different sizes. < /nice >

< rant >Now, granted yes, it is for fun.  I totally agree with that.  You know what ISN’T fun for me?  Putting my heart into an ATC and getting something back that looks like my 6 year old nephew could have easily done it and probably better, something which, I migh add, Does. Not. Meet. The SINGLE Requirement of being called an ATC.  It is not fun for me to put a lot of work into something and get back something from someone who can’t even be bothered to follow the ONE rule of ATC, is too lazy to attempt to CUT A STRAIGHT LINE for her so-called ATC.  And, if she is not new and has really done 1500!! (non)ATCs she has ZERO excuse for not knowing the size requirement.  And if you’re only here to have fun, why the hell all the drama and overreaction?! < /rant >

Now, already, I feel like I’ve wasted too much time on this.  At the same time, I have lived a lot of my life getting stepped on because I didn’t want to raise a fuss – and these days I am trying to break patterns and avoid those stomping feet and stand up for myself.  It is a little thing, but little things add up eventually. 

And since I keep having dreams that people are taking my job or are out to get me, maybe I need to stop allowing the little things to pass, so it doesn’t give me a persecution complex, eh?  Heh.

Anyway, what I’m thinking is on the rating (can’t give it yet as 2 weeks have not passed), I will simply state the ATC size rule and say nothing else, except maybe “Sorry, we couldn’t work this out more amicably.”  As for a response message, part of me just wants to ignore her, part of me wants to put the rant above and part of me wants to say something but far less dramatic and mean (since that rant’s rather “no holds barred”).

Hm, maybe something like “Sorry, we couldn’t work this out more amicably.  It’s not “fun” for me to join an ATC swap and not get an ATC, though.  I’ll post your 3 when the 14 days are up.  Thanks.”

I don’t know.  I guess I’ll figure it out later.  Things to do that are of actual importance now =)


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