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Black History Month

This got published today.  Enjoy!

Yesterday was mildly productive, creatively and writing-wise, but it was very productive socially!  I met a lot of great people from Swap-Bot and I hope we’ll stay in contact.  If you’d like to check out their blogs, allow me to direct your attention to the column at screen right, under the heading “My Fellow Swappers”.

And an extra-special THANK YOU!! to Haloquin & Peacewytch (hm, wonder why Tori Amos is stuck in my head, heh) with whom I have a lot in common, not to mention, they are both sweet and kick-ass – and both seem to find me almost as interesting as I find them =) 

It would appear that I am getting in the neighborhood of 500 views on AC every 2-4 days.  That’s, well…fairly frickin’ incredible and makes me very happy, indeed.  I did manage to write an article yesterday, which was good.  Not today yet and no calls, either, but it will come to me.

Getting nervous about the trip back to Texas in a few weeks.  Not ready, but can’t be helped.  Then again, it’s warm there and mom has just advised me it will feel like 7 in the morning here.  There are compensations, I suppose!

Haven’t checked on the birds yet today.  Still have cakes left to put out for them, better get that done before I forget again. [EDIT: Incidentally, if you’d like my recipe for these cakes, I have submitted an article on it, which should be published very soon – stay tuned!]

Later today, I shall get new swap pictures posted to Flickr, too…theoretically 😉


2 Responses

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Welcome back to Texas. You’ll love the weather here. It was beautiful out yesterday. Hugs,
    Jacqueline Redwine

  2. Cheers Eloah!
    Mmmmm Tori Amos…. 🙂

    Speaking for myself, I’m definitely finding you interesting 🙂 and you are fairly kick-ass yourself!

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