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Hello, Fellow Swappers!

I joined a swap to gain blog exposure, so I should get a few new visitors today.  Hi!

Got some cool news today.  Turns out that “video from hell” that I ranted about a few posts back?  Well it got featured on the AC Lifestyle Page!  W00t!  Go, me!  It’s the one that says “Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Craft…” 

Unfortunately, I haven’t caught any new calls going up today, but I really need to start writing my own ideas again.  Hopefully, I earned the extra money from December for successfully publishing 15 articles and that will be paid out very soon.  I think I may have published more than that in January!  Too bad the offer didn’t extend 😉  I wish the partner calls would start coming in.  I do so much better with nonfiction when it’s an “assignment”.  Dunno why.

Had to make another suet cake for the birdies today.  Made 3 the other day and as of 3 days ago one had not been touched, then yesterday BOOM! they were all down to crumbs and today they are all gone.  Haven’t set out the cake yet, ’cause it hasn’t hardened.

Finished the last book in the Last Apprentice Series by Joseph Delaney.  Hope he’ll write more soon!  Coz it was a bit more of a cliffhanger than the others. 

Still feeling the desire to do magic of some kind.  Heh.  I’m continuing on the Dragon series by Patricia Wrede.  Love them, too, they just aren’t very long!  The Nicholas Flamel series (Michael Scott) is ok, but there is SO MUCH info packed in such a short space, they are not “easy” reads.  They make my brain work too hard!  Have to rest in between 😉

If my sister’s male cat was the first cat I’d ever had contact with, I would hate cats.  Thankfully, my sister’s other cat is sweet and loveable and even as a kitten was not on a mission to destroy, which her boy cat seems intent on.  Sigh.

Got some new photos put up on Flickr and got my flickr page posted to links.  Can’t remember if I added the feed or not, better check that. 

Happy Monday!

9 Responses

  1. Hello!

    This is a good idea, mind if I steal it? (I mean writing a ‘hello’ post for people that arrive through swap-bot)

    Mind if I ask which ‘kind’ of magic you’re tempted by? I assume you’ve done some (at least) before, I’m just curious, as I’m of a magical persuasion myself! 😉

    I’m working out how to add you to a subscription thing now, so I look forward to seeing more of you! 🙂


  2. Go right ahead! =)
    I meant magic of the Harry Potter persuasion, mainly, but other kinds of (more reality based) magic are just fine, too! I read palms and a bit of tarot and I’ve done a little healing. I probably sound like a lunatic now, but if I could live in a shack in the woods with my cat and grow herbs and cast spells, I’d be in heaven! =)

  3. I understand that utterly!

    Heh heh. I do like the Harry Potter. If only there were really a Hogwarts!

    I seem to collect Tarot (ish) decks, have you come across Soulcollage before? Its basically collaging cards with magical/spiritual intent, and then using the resulting deck to do readins and work of a personal nature.

    http://www.soulcollage.com (unsuprisingly)

    I’ve started making a suit of cards within my deck that relate to things I want to manifest. Once they become reality I’m going to put them in a different suit, of an appropriate kind. Not sure how much sense this is making if you don’t know about it already… Yeah, anyway, funny you should mention the shack in the woods with a cat growing herbs image… thats pretty much what i’m working towards! 😉 Well, an eco-house rather than a shack, but everything else is spot on! 😀

    • I actually started to mention that I made my own deck once =)
      Yes, eco-house is better, not shack.
      I’ll have to check out soul collage for sure.
      Thanks for linking me on livejournal, by the way!
      I was thinking about being unable to rate you – would you be interested in a private swap? We could do one that was just a linking one, so you could get the 5<3 you so deserve =) or we could do a craft one or whatever. Let me know!

  4. Hello to you too!! Nice blog! I’ll be visiting again soon!!

  5. Just stopping by (via Swap-bot)…I’ve never known anyone to make those suets cakes…but I’m certainly gonna google the instructions, as that is something I’d like to try also. Love your blog..best wishes in getting published more!

  6. Wow, the more I read of your blog, the more I WANT to read-I just kept going! It’s a breath of fresh air to find someone with a vocabulary as well. My own blog seems rather pedestrian after yours -(more a ‘picture book’). I spent a while here getting to know you and can safely say I’ll be adding you to my list o’ worthy blogs. Hope you sell many more articles – I totally dug the Valentine how-to. love the peek into your life too. I also have Too Many Cats, and one of them is a major destructo kitty. Where ever she goes, things fall over and break. Perhaps she knows some bad magic? :O)

  7. 🙂 Hello to you also!
    This is the sort of blog post I aim to do more as my blog grows and progresses – I love reading little day to day diary entries, even from someone I don’t know! Maybe I’m a voyeur.. but a nice, non-threatening one! haha.

  8. Thanks Eloah! Have done an intro post now. No worries about the LJ, are you on there? Let me know through there if you are. If you look through my journal you’ll find quite a few of my S.Collage cards, if you’re interested.

    I made an entire set of major arcana when I was about 15, I liked them, looking back though… I’d love to see another persons efforts.

    Private swap? Hmmm. Why not. We shoudl discuss it on Swap bot. i’m thinking something crafty would be good, maybe something card related? 😉

    I’ve got a snow-dotee giveaway for One World One Heart on my blog, if you want to join in just comment on the post. Quite excited, tis my first Giveaway 😀 (finally got it up and posted!)


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