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Motivational Sneaking

Call pickings are currently quite slim, but I did manage 2 articles this week.  Getting a LOT of hits over the past week, too, for which I am very grateful, especially since I can’t seem to get any ideas of my own at the moment. 

This week has been about as unproductive as the previous one was productive.  I’ve done some drawing and did get those two articles written, but I still haven’t gotten publishers researched for the story.   I also got all the people contacted whose photos I’ve used in articles  and let them know where their photos could be seen.

I think I’ve been at the post office more than I’ve been at home this week, which is part of the problem. 

That and the cold is making me lethargic, I think.  It’s certainly making me…well, cold, for a start! 

This whole week, though, I woke up tired and just wanted to go back to sleep.  I didn’t get any craft work done at all and until last night, I don’t think I cooked a thing all week.

Hopefully, before this next week is out, I’ll be back motivated and writing-drawing-crocheting-knitting my wrists off =)


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