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24 hours of Unpleasant

Yesterday was bad.  Like on a Bad Day Scale of 1-10, levied against other days that did not involve death, illness or violent crime, with 1 being not bad at all, I would give it a solid 8.5.  I won’t go in to all of it, but suffice to say, my story got rejected and I missed the deadline for a call (primarily because of the other 99 things that went wrong yesterday), and the video article from hell (which I thought I blogged about, but apparently not – it was on my last bad day and was the sole reason for it, as everything about it went wrong and it took me a full day to get it done) was finally published…and is useless, as it looks like utter gibberish, being as it is divided diagonally into 3 segments and you can’t figure out any of it. 

Aand they screwed up my pizza not once, but twice.

I’m not that upset about the call, except as far as it might affect my future standing with AC, but it isn’t like I’ve routinely missed calls, so I’m not that concerned.  The last time I busted my butt to make sure I didn’t miss a deadline was for the aforementioned video and I will NOT go through that again.  This one, I just thought I had until 12am tonight as usual, but in fact only had until 10am this morning.  Ironically, if they had made the call end last night at midnight instead, I’d probably have gotten it turned in on time!  Oh, well.  I can’t fix it, and won’t worry about it, as I said.

The story rejection, though, that’s hard.  All the rejections are hard.  Doesn’t matter how many I get, it doesn’t get easier.  In fact, it gets harder to keep believing.  Except, for 20 years, I have known being a writer is who I am and what I want and what I am meant for.  So I have to keep going forward, rejection or not.  And go forward I am.  But it still stings =(


One Response

  1. I hear you about the rejection. I’m still on the early end of it, but every time it happens, I end up in a funk for a day. What I try to remember is that if I didn’t try, there would be no rejection. And if I didn’t try, then I couldn’t call myself a writer. I don’t think it will ever be an easy thing.

    Hope your tomorrow is better.


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