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I nearly screwed up and missed the deadline for a call. Since a>I was highly negative about people blowing them off earlier in the week and b>it’s the only one I’ve managed to get in a few days, I really needed to get it done. Throbbing teeth and painkiller loopiness or not.  Thankfully, I caught it just in time and got it done. Ironically, I’d probably have spent less time on it if I had not been rushing to finish on time, but that is probably true of most things. What’s most interesting to me about nearly missing it is that, after the pain pills kicked in and stopped the horrible throbbing in my face, I was in super creative mode and made a BUNCH of stuff, like this ATC:

My first Owl ATC
My first Owl ATC


of which I am fairly proud, I must say.  I finally joined Swap-bot tonight, partially because I was so in gear as far as making things, and given that the things I was making coincided with the type of things generally swapped.  I still want to do at least one more ATC I have in mind.  I think it will turn out quite well.


I made my first “suet cake” for a bird feeder.  It even attracted some new birds!  I wouldn’t consider myself a bird-watcher, really, but since my sis has put the feeders outside her window, I find my eyes drawn back there more often than not, hence, the suet cake making.  If you are at all into birds, I recommend the suet cakes.  From what I’ve seen, most birds will ignore regular seed totally if one of those cakes is present – and they will vie for access to the cake.  The main exception I have seen to this were the robins, but that may have been because there were SO. MANY. of them. 


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