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I Dreamed About Writing…

I literally dreamed of not only the writing part of it, but the marketing part of it, the posting it to various places like here and Twitter, et al.  I’ve been doing virtually nothing else while awake this week, so I suppose it isn’t so surprising.  I’ve been giving it as much time as my current state of health will allow, which is, granted, not as much as I would like.

I’m reading a book of short stories by Stephen King and loving it.  It’s really inspiring me anew to push, push, push, too.  Not that I wasn’t already, it just stoked the fire even hotter.  I can see my goal just over the horizon, for the first time since I started trying to get published.

I probably could have been published back when I wrote my first manuscript.  I got a letter of interest from an editor, but before I could respond to her request for additional info on the story, my computer crashed and I could not find my hard copy of the manuscript.  When I was finally able to have it repaired some weeks later and send in what she requested, I got no response, not even a form letter.  The negative part of me (the part that has taken every rejection to heart and believes that maybe they’re right and know something she doesn’t want to accept) says I had a chance and I blew it, I should’ve found another way to respond to her. 

Hindsight, eh?  I was young and full of hope and the idea of my future  and the arrogant assumption that, because I knew that my writing was better than half the drivel out there, it shouldn’t be that difficult.  The thing I hadn’t counted on, however, was having to sell myself.  You see, to get your manuscript looked at, you’ve got to attach a query letter, in most cases.  A letter that basically says, “Here is why I am so great you should publish my manuscript above all 30,000 others you received this morning”.  And I’m no good at selling myself like that.  It’s why I almost always tank at job interviews.

Having thought all that, I’m wondering now if it isn’t time to start sending in manuscripts again…


In other news, I’ve been doing nearly as much cooking as writing over the last few days.  In addition to regular lunch and dinner, I’ve made a large pot of bean soup (which is not that new, but still a recipe I created), a large pot of corn chowder (first time I’ve made it and it was excellent, I must say), and a batch of kitchen sink cookies which were too heavenly to describe with mere words (also new recipe).  I’ve also made several new kinds of cakes recently which all turned out grand, sweet and sour chicken to go with the fried rice I have nearly perfected, and various other more simple fare.

I doubt I’ll publish any recipes here, but if you’re interested, I’ll be happy to email them, so long as you swear on a stack of cookbooks not to post them anywhere online.

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