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Motivation Overdrive?

Well, after my last entry, I apparently got kicked into high gear because I currently have 9 articles awaiting review.   I spent pretty much all day and night researching and writing.  After watching so many articles get released late last night with <24hrs left, including 2 I had tried to get, but was told “Oops, too late, another CP just took that” (Grr), I took a big risk tonight and snagged a third one I had similarly missed.  I turned it in on the dot of 11pm EST.  Not sure if they go by EST or not, but better safe, eh?  I really hope I’ll start getting calls from partners very soon.  It’s been nearly 2 months since they told me I would be.

Honestly, I might not have spent as much time on research as I did, except I was writing about London and London restaurants.  And with my British Obsession, not to mention my Obsession de Gordon Ramsay et Nourriture Anglais, I probably read much more than I needed to.  Heh.

Worse, since they haven’t published it yet, the only tangible result of all this work?  is that I am ravenous.  As I don’t have the makings of any British food on-hand at the moment – well, except perhaps some faux clotted cream and basic scones, but I truly lack the energy – I shall have to make do with some buttered toast with Parmesan.  Poor me.  Starving children and all that.

It really was both interesting and surreal to be looking over all the maps of London and see all the places I hear so much about on the shows I watch.  I don’t just mean more famous ones like Nottinghill, but also places like Curzon Street, of which few of my fellow Americans would have any clue the significance.

At any rate, for once I think I enjoyed the research more than the writing!


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