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About Novels & Cooking

I’ve got 2 novels in the works right now.  One of them is almost done and I am at a roadblock with that one.  The other, I feel like I have many places I want to go with it, not fully-formed ideas, but definitely there’s creative electricity there.  Unfortunately, it’s 850 miles away, so I can’t write on it at the moment.  It’s a little stifling, to say the least.  I want to finish the first one, but I know it’s one of those things where I have to give it some time.  Quitting smoking is too wrapped up in that one still and I need to give my brain a bit of time to relax and stop linking the two.  The fact that there is a character based on my husband and he and I weren’t getting along for a while does not help.  Things are better now, but…again, time.


I am pleased that I have ideas for meals and desserts the same way I have them for stories.  I have them for drawings and my other artwork, but only rarely.  The food ideas (like the book ideas) often come to me, and sometimes almost whole.  It’s especially pleasant when they turn out tasty!  Some, unfortunately, do not taste as I had imagined they might.  When it’s like the meat pies I created on my way home from the Renaissance Festival, though…those are practically magical.  When I take leftovers and a half-baked (heh) scheme and concoct something mouth-wateringly DELICIOUS, it’s a definite natural high for me.  I guess most people get stoned and then eat, but in those cases eating gets me stoned.  I need to put together a recipe book.  WooleyDuck is always after me to do it, but she thinks I can sell them, and I’m not so sure.  Maybe I just need to concentrate on getting them written down first!

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